Jepara Wood Carving

24 Jul

Jepara have been famous because it’s wood carving and furniture. Right now, we’ll journey to another side of Jepara, and off course tasting its unique culinary.
One tourist destination is Mosque and Tomb at Mantingan. It’s located about 5 km south from Jepara downtown. This mosque is a heritage from Jepara Islamic kingdom era, during the same time as Demak Islamic kingdom. This mosque built by Pangeran (prince) Hadiri, husband of Ratu (Queen) Kalinyamat. As one of its uniqueness, this mosque decorated with stone carving at its wall, that its style was combination of Chinese and Javanese art. Feel free to visit this scene if you arrive at Jepara, and you’ll feel religious-exotic atmosphere there, at the heart of Jepara where’s carving spirit begin.


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